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By teaming up with brands across public relations activations, digital content, and social posts, Mari is able to gain market exposure and teach you how to shine along the way. The involvement in numerous outlets helps amplify conversations and drive sales. While much of Mari's marketing is social millennial inclusive, she is hyper-focused on bridging the gap with older generations in helping them to understand a new era of systematic living. How is she doing that? With a portfolio of investors equipped with generational knowledge and constantly learning from people who have been in the business for 40+ years. Being willing to learn and grow is key. Mari specializes in residential to commercial developments to multi-family properties across a wide range of demographics and location. She thrives in the ability to find what fits best to the clients desired path and how to blend a sustainable lifestyle in contrast. With over 100 million in sales since March 2020, finding innovative ways to assist clients in closing remarkable space + places with a personalized and authentic sales venture is at the core of my vision. As a South Florida native, Mari's expertise of the market allows her to properly educate potential buyers on the area, its demographic, and why there is no better investment than a space to feel like home.
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Listen to yourself & find out. Mari is providing transformative real estate journeys with a higher purpose. Assisting clients in creating lifestyles and daily life experiences tailored specifically for their liking. Helping aspiring real estate enthusiasts turn $1,000 into a six-figure business. Helping people ditch the excuses, overcome the challenges, take action, step deeper into thier desired lifestyle with personalized sales approach and knowledge. Transmute your idea of success and transform your lifestyle.

  • Are you ready to live a more transformative lifestyle? 

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  • Are you ready go from the rags to the riches?

  • Are you sick of playing small?

  • Do you know that you're meant for a path of greatness but are lacking the right support system to get ahead with your vision?

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The Give Back Venture partners with local organizations to generate awareness around the development and further advocate for sustainable, social transformation and overall well-being. 

Since the start of 2020, Mari has donated a percentage of all profits on sales to mom-and-pop organizations based out South Florida working on development endeavors locally + internationally.