Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Airbnb investing

    2. Why invest in Airbnb?

    3. How to identify the right property

    4. Creating passive income

    5. Dress your Airbnb for success

    6. Furnishing your Airbnb quickly, efficiently and on a budget

    7. Purchasing a Luxury Airbnb Investment

    8. Should you hire a management company?

    9. How much do I need to save to invest?

    10. Calculating your ROI

    11. Investing in a Seller's Market

    12. Creating an experience

    13. How to make your Airbnb investment passive

    14. When to say no to an Airbnb investment opportunity

    15. Building your dream real estate portfolio

    16. Expenses to expect

    17. Protecting your investment

    18. Attaining superhost status

    19. My secrets to maximize your Airbnb income

    20. Becoming an Airbnb Expert

    21. Calculating your net profit

    22. Final secrets to raise your daily rate

About this course

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  • 1 hour of video content